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About Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy Private Limited

Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy Private Limited (FWMC) is a socio- economic enabling organization that provides a wide range of consulting services to the public and Government organizations at the centre, states and local levels and to the private not-for-profit organizations for supporting them in fulfilment of their organizational objectives. FWMC helps these organizations in identifying bottlenecks to their functioning and diagnosing causes constraining their functioning and in providing countermeasures as also focused and practicable recommendations and solutions. For this, FWMC has highly qualified and experienced experts and specialists who have been working on similar consultancy projects for several years now. The members have worked on Government of India, UNESCO, World Bank and other bilateral and multilateral supported projects and bilateral and multilateral agencies.

Range of Services provided by FWMC

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  • Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) focused support services.
  • Material Recovery Facility management support services.
  • Composting and other processing technologies including facilities planning and management.
  • Evidenced based frameworks for Solid Waste Management (SWM) strategies and implementation support (including Life-cycle assessment and design of sustainable solid waste managementstrategies across the value chain of SWM).
  • Garbage and trash surveys and analytical assessments.
  • Policy formulation and infrastructure project planning and operations support across WASH/SWM segments.
  • Supporting national and international networks for multidisciplinary research and evidence based innovation promotion in WASH/SWM (through our Knowledge Partner associate-FINTRUST).
  • Circular Economy promotion and SDG goals promotion support services.
  • Faecal Sludge Management Support Services (this service range is under development).
  • Regulatory and economic impactanalysis.
  • Social impact assessment.
  • Outreach, capacity building, andtraining.
  • Field-based programme management support encompassing the above elements.

End-to-End solutions in solid waste management

Fusion PMU has facilitated City of Chhindwarain adoption of a 4 bin waste segregation format. 4 separate bins are installed in public places and the door to door waste collection vehicles have separate sections for Organic, Inorganic, Medical, and Domestic hazardous waste. These are separately processed and managed. Special care for hazardous household waste is taken as it can be harmful to the environment, and even cause physical risks for the workers at the waste processing and material recovery facilities. Fusion team strives to combine DTDC with awareness generation and additional real time citizen engagement and feedbacks.

Encouragement of 4 bins through community engagement

FWMC actively engages with cities for providing wide ranging support across the entire range of solid waste management requirements. The following section contains description and representative examples of the services offered by FWMC. This includes Collection and transport support for waste, waste processing (setting up and operations), and recycling, repurposing and disposal of waste.


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