"Recycling is an area where jobs could be created at low cost.

FWMC provided Neemuch municipal council, a complete solution for solid waste management and consultancy for improving its ranking in swachhatasurvekshan. FWMC work involves waste segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of untreated waste in scientific manner. FWMC conducted social awareness campaigning, training of sanitary workers and SHGs. Training module involves best practices to reduce waste generation and proper segregation.

SS2018 –70 RANK  SS2019- 47 RANK

IEC – puppet show, swachhta rally, nukkadnatak, swachhta rath, rokotoko for ODF free Neemuch, shapath , home composting , wall painting, swachhta par carcha, plastic ban drive, doctor aapke ward, pamphlet distribution , dastak, swachhta call centre,bulk waste generator , RWA, Awareness through radio and TV advertisements, Successful completion of Ranking of Hotels, Hospitals, Market Schools, Govt offices , Public awareness for use of two/ three dustbins for waste segregation and promotion of four ‘R’ concept through festivals (Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Eid, Social/ public programs, etc.) Workshops for senior citizens, teachers for their feedback, Brand Ambassadors for creating awareness on source segregation and behavioural change, Organizing events in Schools/ Colleges (Painting/ Essay/ Slogan/ Singing/ Debate Competitions, Quizzes), Prabhat Pheri/ Rally/ Flash Mob activities for awareness on door-to-door collection and segregation at source, Household visits to sensitize about tackling waste; filling up Dustak forms and encouraging Swachhta App/ Swachh Neemuch App download. my school my pride etc.

Be a responsible citizen and always segregate waste before throwing it in the dustbin

Our Services at Neemuch Municipal Corporation

Door-to-Door Collection, Transportation and Processing of Waste

We have extended our constant support to NMC for achieving 100% door to door collection of waste. In a record time of nine months NMC was able to achieve 100% segregated collection of waste with the help of 5 Partitioned Tippers with no household left.This waste is being transported to transfer station in the segregated form through partitioned tippers. Tracking and Monitoring of collection and transportation is being done through Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System with our support. We are also supporting NMC in processing of waste by providing technical support, enhancing technical know-how, updating technology used, arranging technical sessions for safety of workforce etc

“Recycling old buildings to show art is very important.”

Project Atmanirbhar Wards

A specialized project called the Aatmanirbhar Ward has been constituted by NMC, Fusion Team has extended its support to NMCfor implementation, execution and sustainability of this project. Initially five wards have been identified to make Atmanirbhar on pilot basis. Now this number has been increased to 11 wards. The motive of this project is to make wards Atmanirbhar in waste management making them zero waste wards. Under this project, a dedicated team of swachhatadidi’s have been appointed to assist the citizens to make compost, subsidized compost bins are also being provided to the residents. IEC activities workshops, training & Capacity building and citizen engagement events are being held regularly. Team of SwachhataDidi’s going door-to-door to train and educate residents to make compost using wet household waste. Swachhata Buddy Cards are being provided to residents who recycles wet waste into compost at home. This card was ideated by us.

“A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”

BartanBank/ Thaila Bank

Bartan and Thaila Banks were established at almost 20 places at in Neemuch. People can take utensils on rent on nominal rates from these Bartan Bank for functions/ceremonies/other occasioned and can help in reducing load of disposable plastics on environment. They can also purchase Thaila from thaila bank and can stop using SUP/Plastic bags. These banks have made tremendous efforts in reducing quantum of waste generated.  We in association of NMC is working towards involving SHGs in this project to provide them livelihood opportunities.

"The purpose – where I start – is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it’s reuse."

Neki Ki Deewar (Anandam Kendra)

We have suggested to establish about 20 Neki Ki Deewar at Neemuch, in turn NMC has established these at 20 locations in the city. These are helpful in getting cloths, utensils, food, shoes etc. to needy. Ultimate aim is to reduce production of waste, actually which is not waste but resource for others.

"It's like recycling: selling old clothes to help make new ones."


Paintings for spreading awareness about Safai Mitra Suraksha and its helpline number 14420, Swachh Survekshan2019, Behaviour Change Communication and Beautification were made on walls in different wards and public space. Our team extends constant support to NMC for Beatification of city. Decorative fencing/ wire mesh has also been constructed/fixed over the bridges of water bodies to prevent littering and gaining attraction/attention of passer-by to motivate them to not to litter at such a beautiful place.

IEC Activities

Information, Education and Communication (IEC)

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is a systematic approach aiming at changing or reinforcing behaviours in a target audience, concerning a specific problem and within a pre-defined period of time, through communication methods and principles.Every month we are carrying out about 250 plus IEC Activities on about 25 thematic areas under Swachh Bharat Mission to create awareness & sensitization and to motivate residents/citizens for following best practices of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene. We conduct IEC activities on following topics as per guidelines of SBM-Urban and State with a view to impact behaviour change of residents.

Segregation of Waste

Segregation of waste is need of the hour for its effective processing and management. Our two teams viz. Door-to-Door Collection (DTDC) and IEC continuously putting their unending and dedicated efforts for source segregation of waste into five categories- dry, wet, sanitary, domestic hazardous and plastic waste.

Awareness Creation on Use of Swachhata App

Swachhata application fuses together a time-tested complaint redressal platform with the opportunity for citizens to work together on civic issues with community centric features for citizens to vote up on complaints, share them with other concerned citizens and comment on the work being done. It is a quantum leap in how complaints and grievances are being redressed by Municipal Corporations in India. Fusion team visits at public places, colonies and offices and interacts with people available/working there to download and install Swachhata App in their mobile phones.Our team is also teaching them to register complains, give feedback etc. through the App.

Magic Show

Magic, which encompasses the subgenres of illusion, stage magic, and closeup magic, among others, is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by tricks, effects, or illusions of seemingly impossible feats, using natural means. Magic shows have been employed for spreading awareness about Swachhata, as it has the capability of huge citizen engagement and participation because of its allurement capabilities. Swachhata Magic shows were performed in schools, at public places and wards to spread awareness about 4 Bins, Plastic Ban, Citizen Feedback, SS2019 etc.

Waste to Art Exhibitions

Our team organizes Waste to art exhibitions regularly with constant support from NMC with a motive to find out new and innovative ideas of waste recycling, reuse and repurposing.A similar exhibition was organized at Town Hall on 1st October 2019under Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, in which 19 participants have participated and displayed their exhibitions created/carved out of waste material. These exhibitions also impact life of visitors to these exhibitions, which in turn to society at large.

Puppet (Kathputli) Show

Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets – inanimate objects, often resembling some type of human or animal figure, that are animated or manipulated by a human called a puppeteer. Our Team has organized puppet shows at many places of the city on various themes such as 4 Bin, Source Segregation of Waste, Home .

Awareness Campaign for Home Composting

Home Composting is a great way to recycle the organic waste we generate at home.It can take some of our leftovers, waste and unwanted extras and turn them into fertile soil to boost the productivity of gardens and landscapes.Our IEC team led the movement to aware more and more people about home composting. Under this movement a dedicated team visits door to door and educatepeople to make compost using wet waste such as peels of vegetable and fruits, unused food, leaves etc. Various methods of home composting viz. Matka Composting, Composting using a specially designed compost bin, community composting etc. were taught to the residents of Neemuch. Team had got a good response towards home composting from the residents.

4R Workshop

Due to the increase in industrialization and urbanization, many waste materials coming from it are being directly exposed in nature and are harming living plants and animals. In the modern world, we depend much on ready-made and artificial products. There are many alternatives available for a single item.

4 Bin Game

A game was designed in which names of various kind of wastes were printed on paper board of 1 square foot each. These paper boards have to be treated as that particular kind of waste and have to be disposed in designated colour of dustbin in which they fall. Game is to be played with a referee and two players. These cardboards are to be placed on one side on a table, while 4 bins with colour coding are to be placed on other side. One minute time is to be given to each participating team in which one player has to pick one board .

Street Play

Street Play (Nukkad Natak) is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. These spaces can be anywhere, including shopping centres, car parks, recreational reserves, college or university campus and street corners. Fusion Team has performed street plays in all 48 wards of the city on various themes such as 4 Bin, Source Segregation of Waste, Home Composting, SMS, Plastic Ban, Awareness on Swachh Survekshan etc.

Awareness Campaign on Malasur and Scheduled Desludging of Septic Tanks

Malasur is visual personification of faecal sludge. Malasur is the unseen demon who lives under your feet, bubbling away, biding its time, waiting until that opportune moment when it can erupt into a backflow or an overflow. Malasur is a threat to your water unless you build the right kind of septic tank, do regular desludging and keep an eye on where your poo is being dumped.


Rallies are large public events, especially held to support an idea. Our team organizes rallies on various current themes in a time bound manner to create awareness and to spread messages about solid waste management in line with Swachh Bharat Mission.

Prabhat Pheri

Prabhat Pheriis used to be organized by our team from 06:00 AM to 09:00 AM. Fusion team visits in wards to make people aware about source segregation of waste, plastic ban, social distancing, mask and sanitizer (SMS), and impact of cleanliness and hygiene of their health through Geet-Sangeet and playing Musical Instruments.

Fusion Team creates awareness and informs residents of the city about Malasur, scheduled desludging of septic tank, its procedure, helpline numbers (14420 & 18002336980) through IEC activities.


To get a clean and healthy nation, say ‘No’ to open defecation.
MIS Updating

We are extending our support to NMCin MIS updating and Management. We use to support NMC in filling monthly data to MIS, Upload documents for various assessments and certifications such as ODF++, GFC Star Rating, Swachh Survekshan and Safaimitra Suraksha Challenge.

Extensive Documentation

Fusion Team extends its unending support toNMCfor preparation of documents and logbooksfor assessment and certification such as of Swachh Surveskshan, GFC Star Rating, ODF++ and Safamitra Suraksha Challenge as per the mandate received from state. We also support NMC in uploading of these documents on Swachhatam Portal and keeping their hard copies for physical inspection.

Survey for on Ground Preparation

Our team used to conduct surveys for roads, Nallah & Drains, Community & Public Toilets (CT/PT), parks, residential/public/commercial areas, prepare detailed report and submit it to NMC on regular basis. We used to do this for field/ground ready and clean all the times.

Social Media

Fusion Team posts on social media platforms on behalf of NMC to showcase the efforts of NMC. Various #tags were used to increase outreach of these posts, these include- #SwachhSurvekshan2019,#SwachhSurvekshan2019MP, #SwachhSurvekshan2019Neemuch, #SwachhtaKeAsliHero_MP, #SwachhNeemuch, #MeraSheharMeriPehchan, #ULBCode802200, #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav, #NMC802200.

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