Avinash Damde

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Let’s meet Avinash Damde our accomplished Manager and Technical Head.  ICT Specialist With over 5 years of experience in ICT operations, our accomplished Manager and Technical Head brings a proven track record of excellence. He has successfully supported and guided key initiatives such as Swachh Survekshan, ODF/ODF+/ODF++, VTMS, and Swachh City, ensuring seamless implementation and exceptional outcomes. Technical Mastery and Troubleshooting Prowess. As a specialist in Windows Servers and related technologies, our expert efficiently manages and troubleshoots server environments. His unmatched technical skills ensure uninterrupted operations and quick resolution of issues. Solving Real-World Challenges with Precision With a strong grasp of spatial data and GIS technology, our professional tackles real-world problems with precision and innovation. His expertise enhances project outcomes, driving impactful solutions. Excellence in Exam System Implementation In the role of IT Manager, our experienced professional oversees the implementation of secure online examination systems. Meticulous coordination and a commitment to quality ensure flawless exam delivery and a seamless experience. Innovation-Driven and Results-Oriented Driven by a passion for innovation and continuous learning, our expert remains at the forefront of the ICT field. His dedication to delivering high-quality results propels him to constantly expand his skill set and stay ahead of industry trends.  Unlock Your ICT Potential Experience the difference our Manager and Technical Head’s expertise can make in unlocking your organization’s ICT potential. Trust our professional’s proven abilities and let him drive your success with unmatched talent and dedication.

Email : avinashdamde@fwmc.in

Contact No : 8982648933

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