Dr. Raja Venkataramani

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Dr. Raja Venkataramani a versatile and intellectual personality is working as our Principal Advisor. He is a Development Consultant and Urban Planning Expert. His areas of expertise are: public policy, project development, infrastructure finance and public-private partnerships.
He is presently leading initiatives in economic corridor development integrating transport infrastructure, urban and industrial infrastructure.
Dr. Raja Venkataramani has over 25 years of experience in industry and management consultancy. He is well conversant with the complex inter-relationships linking institutions, financial models and service delivery platforms in urban development programmes – having worked on these issues at both policy and project levels. He has implemented numerous complex and large programmes in several infrastructure sectors with major donor agencies. Finally, his projects have involved organizations in India, Iran, Japan, Sri Lanka, USA, and The Netherlands.
In addition, he is actively engaged grass roots community development projects, working closely with Friend in Need India (FIN).

Email: rajavaradan@gmail.com
Contact No: +919810229279

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