Pratik Panda


Pratik is currently working as an Associate-SBM at Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy Pvt Ltd. He holds a BTech in Civil Engineering and has over six years of experience with both government and leading private-sector firms. His focus is on Urban & Rural Infrastructure Services, specifically Solid Waste Management (SWM), Sanitation, and Swachh Survekshan.
He has been involved in multiple waste management projects that include planning and implementing collection and transportation services, processing plants, and disposal facilities. Additionally, he manages the SBM Dashboard. Pratik has hands-on experience with various waste management technologies, including composting facilities, bio-methanation plants, material recovery facilities, sanitary landfills, legacy waste management, construction and demolition waste management facilities, and plastic waste management units.
His employment history features reputable firms and institutions such as Fusion Waste Management & Consultancy Pvt Ltd., AIIMS in collaboration with UNICEF, Geostat Informatics India Pvt Ltd., Karvy Data Management Services Ltd., and various municipal corporations and councils. He has led and managed various innovative and first-of-its-kind projects for several clients, including state governments like those of Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Goa.
In management and leadership roles, Pratik has experience across all stages of project implementation, from development and strategic guidance to execution and Project Management Consultancy. He is also proficient in the development of strategies and plans, assessment of the best technological solutions, and capacity building for stakeholders.
Throughout his career, Pratik has undergone various technical trainings in waste management technologies and has received specialized training in leadership and management skills.

Contact No: +9109717348612

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