Corona Sanani Competition 🥇🥈🥉

Corona Sanani Competition 🥇🥈🥉

Today, most countries are struggling with the global epidemic of corona virus. Each country, by adopting preventive measures at its own level, is making common citizens aware of safety. Several efforts are also being made by Municipal Corporation Khandwa to prevent the epidemic. Many thanks to all of you for supporting Khandwa District Administration and Municipal Corporation Khandwa during the lock down. Your sense of respect for the cleaning workers, Corona warriors reflects our unity and good mindset. That unity and patience will help us win the battle against Corona.
The war against Corona is not possible without the support of common citizens. In the comment box on this post on the Facebook page of Swachh Khandwa by writing the good things that inspire other people with all the letters of your name with the same confidence and familiarity with which we played the plate, ignited the island. Share it. The names of all those posting will be shown every Sunday of the week on Swachh Khandwa’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter page. Those who make an effective and positive post will be given a gift certificate by Municipal Corporation Khandwa, a digital certificate of बाउ Corona Fighter.
You are requested to take some time out of your daily routine and give a positive message to the Khandawans.
Like: – If your name is Raja, then your post can be made like this.
R – Rest at your home.
A – Avoid large crowds, public places.
J – Just stay at home
A – Avoid close contact with anyone with people who are sick
Like: – If your name is Imran, then your post can be made like this.
E – The Worldwide
M – Epidemic only
Ra – panacea treatment
Neither left nor outside, neither mixed hands
Khandwa is ready to fight Corona

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    Three letters, one word: WOO!

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